Special Services 


Dye Sub Printing on Polymer-Coated Ceramics,  Metals, Wooden Items 

 a.               Mugs

b.              Tiles

c.               Plates

d.             Ornamental Shapes (Oval, Round, Heart, Diamond & Star)


Heat Press Printing (Thermal Full Color -  Any Preferable Design)

 a.               T’Shirts (on Supplied T’Shirts only) (100% Cotton only)

b.              Caps (100% Cotton only)

c.               Table Mats (100% Cotton only)

d.              Mini Cushions (100% Cotton only)

e.               Shawls (100% Cotton only)

f.                Hankies (100% Cotton only)

NB: Cotton blended with other Polymers could cause Melting and Crinkling or damage on your supplied product.

The Temperature that we use is above 200°C for your information 

Screen Printing

a.               Letter Heads

b.              Visiting Cards

c.               Greeting Cards

d.              Wedding Cards

e.               Labels and Stickers

f.                Plastic Tags & Key-Tags

g.              Diaries

h.              Wallets

i.                PVC Travel Bags

j.                Leather Hand Bags

k.              Pens

l.                Promotional Items

m.            CDs & DVDs 

Desktop Publishing

a.               Typesetting English & Sinhala

b.              Graphic Designing

(Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Greeting & Wedding Cards, Leaflets, Labels, Brochures, Posters, and Catalogs etc.)

c.              Photo Editing & Retouching   (Black & White or Color) 

Scanning work

a.               Scanning of Documents

b.              Photos

NB: Scanning of Documents would be either Image format or Text-Bridging into an Editable Rich Type File format or Microsoft Word & Excel format too.

Text Bridging Services is available only on English Text (type-written, Laser print, Inkjet Print and Photocopied documents) 


a.               Large Format or Wide Format Digital Prints on Flex or Vinyl

b.              Inkjet Color Printouts (Normal & Photo Quality)

c.               Monochrome Laser Prints 


a.               Plastic Spiral Binding of books


b.               Cold Laminating (Single Side)

c.                Hot lamination (Double side) 



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